Andre and the Omedas is a traveling experience. Encompassing world rhythms, east meets west violin, and folkloric storytelling, the music takes you on a journey.  With Andrea and Max leading the charge the project has evolved as they have moved around the world, collaborating with a diverse array of multi cultural musicians in Switzerland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Croatia and many other stops in between. 

Midnight Eyes, the band's first EP released in January 2018, is the culmination of years of collecting distinctive influences from around the world. The album bridges cultures, taking bits of inspiration from the sounds of western, swing, gypsy, rumba, and latin creating a fusion that comes together to make the sound unique to Andre and the Omedas. The bands first release was recorded and produced in Zurich, Switzerland and Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. 




Andrea Burggraf (Salt Lake City, UT) : Vocals, Guitar, Composition

“Andrea has something powerful going for her. Her voice is deep and soulful, her lyrics are colorful, intriguing, and full of heart, and her rhythm and technique carry influence from her travels,”    - Moab Sun News


Max Q. Santander (Santiago, Chile) : Violin, Production



Midnight Eyes Production Credits; Christian Szabo, Drums. Marco Corti, Bass (Lets Go). 

Released in January 2018

Produced and Recorded by Max Quinones in Zurich, Switzerland

Post Production Recording by Chad Biddle in Salt Lake City, Utah

Album Artwork: Jozhue Xolox